Individual Sessions

Healed by the Light offers reiki therapy sessions to enhance your well being.

Individual  Reiki Sessions

Balance and clear your chakras with Reiki.

REIKI is a technique of channeling energy through the hands to focus and stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. It is safe and noninvasive. Treatments take place on a massage table, with the patient fully clothed. Stress flows out and deep relaxation comes in as you feel healing energy moving through your body. Following your  Reiki session, you will experience a sense of balance and an enduring inner calm. Ultimately, helping you navigate through life with confidence and clarity Gentle, yet very powerful, Reiki is a wonderful complement to Western medical therapies. Children enjoy it too.

60 Minutes-=Intuitive Reiki Session

90 Minutes- Intuitive Reiki Session + Card Reading

60 Minutes-Transitional Coaching 


Reiki Skype Session

Long distance Reiki is a way of sending healing energy when that person isn’t physically with you.  It has all of the benefits of an actual hands on Reiki session , as Reiki energy can travel through time and space.   Long Distance Reiki is a wonderful way to keep your mind, body, and spirit in harmony.

60 Minutes-Intuitive Reiki Session

90 Minutes-Reiki Session + Card Reading


Individualized sessions can help with the following:

  • Speed up healing
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Restore holistic balance
  • Clear and balance your chakras
  • Enhance other therapies

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