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Reiki Therapy Treatment Services with Healed by the Light: Well-Being, Balance, and Health 
Located in Beautiful Belmont 

Enhance your well being at Healed by the Light. We offer consultations, classes and seminars designed to improve your physical wellness and increase your spiritual clarity.

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Because people experience reiki in their own unique ways, each session includes a personal consultation. During a reiki treatment, the client lays on a massage table, fully clothed, while the practitioner works with reiki to clear energetic blockages and balance the client’s ki or energy. The practitioner’s hands may be placed gently upon the client’s body or just slightly above it. Most clients experience a sense of profound relaxation while receiving a reiki treatment. After the treatment is finished, the recipient will generally feel calm, grounded, refreshed and energized. Drinking plenty of water after the session will help flush toxins from the body.