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Reiki Classes

Awaken Your Intuition

Balance and clear your chakras with Reiki.
Healed By The Light

Join me for this exciting and fun workshop where you will learn to tap into the knowledge within and trust your inner guidance. Using Arch Angel Michael cards, you will discover your own unique intuitive skills, awakening the internal guidance system that lies within all of us. You will discover how to give yourself and and others a reading without using the guide book! This class will provide you with a wonderful avenue to find clarity in your relationships, finances, romance, and career.

  • Angel Card Reading Class   $149.00
Healed By The Light

Discover the power of chakras and crystals. In this class we will explore the seven main chakras, learn the chakra colors, their purpose, and the corresponding healing crystals that help align our chakras for overall well-being and happiness. We will learn how to work with crystals for ourselves and love ones, and friends. There are over 4600 different types of stones and we will be talking about the most common and easy ones to acquire. Well talk about how to select the stone that is best for you and how to clear, program, and work with it. We will learn the power of crystal grids, the layouts process, and we will create a unique crystal grid to manifest your deepest desires.*Complete chakra stone set included

  • Chakras & Crystal’s Class   $149.00
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Develop Your Intuition

Angelic Reiki I & II

REIKI is a technique of channeling energy through the hands to focus and stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. It is safe and noninvasive. Treatments take place on a massage table, with the patient fully clothed. Stress flows out and deep relaxation comes in as you feel healing energy moving through your body. Following your  Reiki session, you will experience a sense of balance and an enduring inner calm. Ultimately, helping you navigate through life with confidence and clarity Gentle, yet very powerful, Reiki is a wonderful complement to Western medical therapies. Children enjoy it too.

  • Reiki I & II   $350.00
Angelic Reiki III & IV

Transform your life, reconnect to the one source within yourself using the power of the archangels.  Our Angelic Reiki classes cover advanced techniques in the areas of symbols, attunements, meditations, and affirmations. The essential part of this class is on Angelic Reiki attunements. These give us the ability to call on a number of energies, Angels, Archangels, or Ascended Masters to guide our healing sessions for ourselves and others. You will learn how to raise your level of consciousness to establish clear communication with spirit and initiate the discovery of your own divine blueprint: your soul’s highest purpose. You will spend the latter part of the day giving and receiving a full Angelic healing session.

  • Reiki III & IV   $375.00
Usui Reiki Level I and II

A comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know to do Reiki-the five elements, meditation, symbols, hand positions, mantras, attunements. Supervised practice time helps you build your skills in our comprehensive Reiki classes. Level II covers advanced techniques, including the Reiki triangle and long distance healing.

  • Usui Reiki Level I and II   $350.00
Advanced Usui Reiki III

A continuation of Reiki I & II where we introduce the Master Symbol and its use during treatments.

  • Advanced Usui Reiki III   $375.00
Reiki Mastery

Reiki masters have achieved all three degrees of Reiki awareness. Reiki mastery gives the master the authority to pass on the benefits of Reiki to others. Learn what it takes to get certified to teach Reiki. You will receive a comprehensive teachers manual as well as a Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III student manual.

  • Reiki Mastery   $600.00
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Deepen Your Intuition

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Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and all of us have access to a spiritual team. These spirit guides help us successfully navigate through life.  In this class, you will meet your team and learn all about the other side-that which exists behind the veil.  We will explore the spiritual hierarchy; Guardian angels, archangels, spirit guides and spirit animals. We will learn the difference between angels and spirit guides and discover what all those angel numbers mean that we keep seeing. Finally, we will meet our guides and practice communicating with them.  You will leave this class knowing that you are loved, protected, and guided.

  • Meet Your Spiritual Guide And Angles



Pathway to Spiritual Ascension

If you wish to become an ascended master in this lifetime, then you want to begin practicing thinking, talking, acting, and feeling like an ascended being in order to obtain the vibration that will allow you to become one. In this class, we will learn about the aspects of our divine source and how to successfully implement these qualities to obtain enlightenment/ascension in this lifetime.

  • Pathway To Spiritual Ascension 




Manifest Success in 2017: Body, Mind, & Soul

The secret to manifesting is knowing that our reality isn’t created by what we think, but rather what we feel.  Everything around us is vibration and we attract those things on the same level of vibration.  Positive thoughts create positive outcomes.  The more positive thoughts we can have about ourselves and our goals, the faster they will manifest in our life.  In this one day class, we will learn about the Law of Attraction and how to attract your deepest desires. We will set goals for the body, mind, and soul allowing you to start living the life you want. The latter part of the day is dedicated to tips and tools to help you maintain a higher vibration so you can achieve your goals and enjoy your journey in 2017.

  • Manifest Success


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