How Reiki Helps Us Navigate Through Life

How Reiki Helps Us Navigate Through Liferoad-sign

All of us have an internal guidance system to help us successfully navigate through life, just like the navigation in your car. If you want to travel to New York City, you put New York into the navigation system and trust that it will lead you there. You know and trust that it will get you to your destination the quickest way possible, if there are obstacles, it will re-route you if needed.

We have the same kind of navigation system within us; an internal guidance system. That’s our connection with something greater than ourselves.  When we are able to tap into our intuition, there are ‘road signs’ to help us successfully navigate through life.

Sometimes we don’t hear our intuition or doubt what our inner guidance is telling us. We seek other means for validation. But at the end of day- all answers we need are found within- the essential key to opening this guidance is trust.

We need to be able to hear our internal guidance to clear away any negative emotions. We sometimes hold onto emotions, even when an experience in life is over.


 How to ensure your internal guidance is maximized

How do we make sure that our navigation, our ‘internal GPS’ is operating at full capacity?

Reiki allows us to let go of control and power, helps the ego step aside, invites the spirit forward, and allows us to receive love and light. It helps to clear away energy that is no longer needed.

Many times experiences are over, but we hold onto the emotions. Reiki helps get rid of those emotions tied to past activities. It clears your energy field.


Helping us to looklook-forward forward

Imagine driving down the freeway at 80 miles an hour, what would happen if you only focus on the rear-view mirror? That is why we look forward and the same applies in life. By turning our focus forward, we are available for new opportunities. Reiki helps us move forward and lets our spirit guide us rather than our ego.

Reiki clears and balances our energy field, helping us let go of anything we no longer need. It is like a ‘computer dump’, deleting emails we no longer need. Reiki deletes thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving our highest purpose, which leaves us feeling clear and balanced; grounded like a tree.


Reiki brings in energy and lightenergylight

Another benefit to reiki is the balancing of our chakras. Chakras are like wheels of light, they pull in information from the universal life force field in the form of energy. This energy flows in and out through our Chakras and affects our entire body. Reiki helps our body achieve balance by tapping into this system to enhance our wellbeing. We are activating the body’s natural ability to heal and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Reiki allows us to connect with something greater than ourselves. It provides an opportunity for the spirit to step forward. By allowing us to go within and quiet the mind, we can open our intuition. Reiki is like the best meditation you’ve ever done, without putting in the effort; your reiki practitioner does the work for you. At the end of a reiki session, you will feel balanced and grounded, like a perfect tree; roots nice and solid, deep and broad, supporting the tree trunk and branches. We are supporting our emotional states, thoughts, and feelings; so that we can look forward with clear vision, accept our past, and believe in our future.


Reiki is one of those things best experienced!!

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